Let in the Goodness

Goodness isn’t hard to find!
It’s gulping down fresh milk with your kids.
Or feeling the warm touch of a sunbeam.
It’s a ‘Good Morning’ cheese slice on your rye.
Or seeing your dog wag its tail.
It’s there, all around you.
Part of nature. Part of your every day.
That´s why we love when you make time for it,
appreciate it and embrace all opportunities for it.

Dancing Granny

Dancing Granny

Netta Levy, 92


Spread The Goodness


What is Goodness?

Goodness is perceived in many ways and it appears in many forms for every human being. What we as Arla think is goodness, may not always be goodness for you. And what you think is goodness may not always be goodness for your best friends or your family. So because goodness comes in so many different forms, we asked 5 different film makers from around the world to make their contributions to what they believe goodness is. We simply asked them to Let in the goodness.


Natural Goodness Manifesto

At Arla we deliver healthy, great tasting dairy products that are based on Natural Goodness. Products that are simple, natural, wholesome and nutritious. So we strongly believe in goodness!

We believe that goodness matters. That it satisfies something deeper. Feeding our body and soul. That it is a vital thread running through our everyday life - though we never take it for granted:

All we can wish for is that the good things we do,
every kind, creative, thoughtful act
the careful decisions we make about food, drink and sleep
(and every other tiny detail in between)
the play times, the nap times, the things we do together
the love we put into every moment we have spare
will help spread a little more goodness
and give those closest to us
all of the very best things they can possibly have in life
today. and tomorrow.

Arla. Let in the goodness

Natural goodness

Behind the scenes

As part of our goodness mission we asked Stephanie Congdon Barnes, mother of two children, stylist, author, blogger, and photographer from Portland in Maine, USA to help us capturing the natural goodness through her camera lense. Stephanie writes her own blog together with her creative partner MAV living more than 5.000 kilometers away. Together they post their thoughts and images about simple living, food and drinks, their neighborhoods and travels – always comparing each others images and inspiration.

Family Lunch
Gus and Talya
Stephanie Congdon Barnes
Mia Miles
As Stephanie says:

“I love working on projects big and small, so when Arla approached me about creating photos for them with my friends and family—a big project approached in a small way—I was particularly excited. When they said they had found my photos of everyday life online and wanted to send me somewhere warm with my extended family to document our meals and experiences surrounding food, my first thought was, Is this for real? Once we had established that this was, in fact, for real, my excitement grew and I immediately wanted to bring in my creative partner MAV for help.

I was up before the sun each day to capture those true early morning moments.

During our photo shoot week, I was up before the sun each day to capture those true early morning moments. Our friends and family would rise and drift in, scooping yogurt into bowls and pouring milk into cups of coffee. As they moved through their normal morning routines, I began to look for special moments through my lens. MAV was by my side throughout the day, helping me see things in new ways, making the cast comfortable, and culling through the images to find the gems.”

Everyone in the cast who joined us for the week is incredibly special to me, and I hope that shows in the photographs. Now that my own kids are a more reserved teen and pre-teen, I especially loved being around the spirit and energy of my toddler niece and MAV’s young nephews. Stuffed animals were fed from sippy cups of milk, block towns were constructed, and fierce sharks were drawn in crayon (and embellished with a coating of cream cheese).

It was a true gift to be able to share this week of sunshine with so many people that I care about.

The whole experience was truly a big moment of goodness for me – yes, you can definitely say that we all let in the goodness that whole week of photo shooting.


Natural goodness

The vital thread of Natural Goodness
running through everyday life.

Natural goodness

Let in the goodness

It’s only natural

Our products

At Arla we deliver healthy, great tasting dairy products that are based on Natural Goodness. We honor our obligations to supply you by ensuring our products are available to everyone.

To us Natural Goodness is the synonym of the simple, natural, wholesome and nutritious. And it makes you feel good: Because our dairy products nourishes your body and your soul.